Sumitomo Gear Motor

High Quality Power Transmission Sumitomo Gears

Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia has for almost 100 years been delivering compact gearmotors of the highest quality with motor drives and integrated gear units. When ordering gearmotors from Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia you can expect products that are built with efficiency and durability in mind, which for you means; As little maintenance work as possible, increased efficiency, quality gearmotors that doesn’t break and a better production outcome. Sumitomo has a wide assortment of quality Gearmotors to make sure that you can find the one that is perfect for your application. All the Sumitomo gearmotors are designed and built each for specific customer needs, so while one gearmotor might not be the right one for you, a different one most certainly will.

Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia Products

On Sumitomo’s website you will find the Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia product page that have 13 different gearmotors. These gearmotors vary all the way from the very standard, yet powerful gear motors to the customized Sumitomo gearmotors that are very specific and designed with a precise focus in mind. All the gearmotors do, however, have some similarities as they are all designed by the quality company, Sumitomo. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of a typical Sumitomo gearmotor.

Characteristics of The Quality Sumitomo Gear Motors

While the Sumitomo gear motors are individually designed there are some quality traits that are common all across Sumitomo’s gear motor products, because of the ruthless focus on quality and durability products from Sumitomo always seem to deliver. There are three different, but important, qualities that all of Sumitomo’s gearmotor products have. First of all, Sumitomo’s gear motors focus on increasing the durability and, thus, the lifetime of this kind of product as long as possible. Secondly, all Sumitomo gear motors allows for the experience to become smoother and completely shock resident because of the high quality.

Other than the typical characteristics of Sumitomo’s gear motors each motor is built for the customer’s specific needs. This could be a gear motor with parallel or right-angle shaft configuration, a gear motor built for heavy loads, a gear motor that automatically detects overloads with an installed torque limiter, or something completely else. Each gear motor is specifically built for different situations.

Sumitomo Quality Solutions

What it all comes down to when you are looking for gear motors for your application is the fact that you need a quality solution that meets all of your demands. Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia has got that covered and is the obvious choice for you. With Sumitomo’s wide assortment of quality gear motor types, and it’s strong experience in the field of gear motors, Sumitomo is able to deliver a quality solution for your specific needs. With gearmotors built to handle heavy loads, super compact gear motors, gear motors that are perfect for fast delivery while maintaining high quality, high torque planetary gear motors, and much more, there is no question that the perfect solution is available.