Tsubaki Chain & Tsubaki Sprocket

Tsubaki Quality Chain Products and Sprockets Malaysia

Here at Tsubaki we have a large assortment of quality chain products, and sprockets for these chains. In our assortment you will find quality drive chains to achieve the best transmission, and conveyor and attachment chains for conveyor belts. Under each product you will find versions that are corrosion resistant for customers that has more specific needs. At Tsubaki we have products for all customer needs and are able to do problem solving and coming up with solutions for your specific needs, so that any customer application will be met with the highest quality possible. The three main product categories, drive chains, attachment chains, and conveyor chains are described more thoroughly and technically below.

Drive Chains and Sprockets

When it comes to any drive application it is crucial that the transmission of the power is as reliable and efficient as possible. Tsubaki drive chains Malaysia are specifically designed to be the highest quality chains on the market. These Tsubaki drive chains transmits the power from motors, to sprockets, to the machinery itself, in the most optimal way and with as little maintenance as possible. Tsubaki chain Malaysia’s endless focus on versatility allows the company to create the best possible transmission no matter what your specific needs are. In Tsubaki’s drive chain catalogue you will find four different chain series that are built for different needs: Tsubaki Standard drive chain series, Tsubaki Lube free drive chain series, Tsubaki Anti Corrosion chain series, and Tsubaki Heavy Duty chain series. The chains from each series can, because of the versatility of the company, be even further moderated to meet any customer needs.

For these high-quality drive chains, you will need drive chain sprockets of just as high quality, and Tsubaki Sprocket Malaysia offers that as well. Tsubaki’s sprockets for RS Roller chains are standardized for all Tsubaki’s drive chains, so that you can get the full package of full efficiency and minimized maintenance.

Attachment Chains and Sprockets

For attachment chains the goal should be to have as smooth an attachment chain operation as possible. Tsubaki’s attachment chains are highly customizable with more than 1.300 individual attachments to specialize your attachment chain with. All the attachment chains are designed to reach the maximal level of power transmission precision and are highly resistant to elongation. In this category there are four different chain series: Tsubaki standard attachment chain, Tsubaki Lube free attachment chain series, Tsubaki Anti Corrosion attachment chain series, and Tsubaki chain attachment series. These attachment chains are guaranteed to be delivered with a length precision down to only a fraction of a millimetre. This is important for a consistency in performance.

Conveyor Chains and Sprockets

When it comes to conveyor chains it all comes down to versatility, as conveyor chains vary a lot depending on the specific customer needs and several other factors. Things to take into account are factors like; Direction of the transport, the media that is transported, the environment of the application, and more. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you use a supplier that has experience in all of these areas and can deliver a customized product that is perfect for your needs. Tsubaki Chain Malaysia are experts in customization, durability, performance, and safety and are definitely able to deliver the perfect conveyor chain for your needs.

In addition to the conveyor chain you will also need conveyor sprockets that are perfect for the application. Tsubaki Sprocket Malaysia offers two different types of conveyor sprockets that can be customized; Sprockets for small conveyor chains and Sprockets for conveyor chains of a large size.