What Makes Our CQT High-Pressure Coolant Pumps Effective & Reliable?

Sumitomo Precision Products Malaysia offers a range of robust industrial precision products. Our products are designed to ensure high precision, smooth functioning, and longevity. We offer a wide range of products according to industrial and market needs. Many of our products are among the preferable products in the industry. Our CQT High-Pressure Coolant Pumps are one of such products.

Our CQT Coolant Pump is one of the best pumps you can find in the market. Not only because it is affordable and easily accessible but also because of its wide range of features and flexible specifications. It is compatible with multiple types of equipment as it has been developed according to international standards and industrial needs.

Moreover, this pump is economical as compared to the other pumps (in the market) with the same specifications, reliability & longevity. It is also suitable for non-water coolants (unlike many other pumps). But that’s not all, this CQT High-Pressure Pump by Sumitomo Precision Products Malaysia has a wide range of benefits.

Multiple Pressure Levels & Flow rates

In applications where the flow rate and pressure level needs to be varied or regulated. it is recommended to use a CQT Pump that supports multiple levels. Since CQT Pump supports four pressure levels & eleven flow rates, it is compatible with many applications.

Low-noise Operation

Most of the high-pressure and super-high pressure pumps make unbearable noise that affects the working environment and reduces productivity. Apart from that, their high noise levels are a sign of mechanical losses. But this Super-high Pressure Coolant Pumps uses special internal gears to produce minimal noise (up to 69dB), and it helps maintain a comfortable environment. 

Easy Coupling With Motors

Many coolant pumps require mechanical couple for coupling with motors, which enhances mechanical losses and equipment costs. But this Coolant Pump is designed in a way that it can couple with motors without the need to use any external coupling equipment, saving both losses & cost. Moreover, it also enables installation is shorter spaces.

Long Life 

Electrical & mechanical equipment is prone to life-shortening; if frequently operated at high temperatures. The circuitry & mechanical parts start degrading, and ultimately the equipment expires before time. The problem is the same with pumps, and this is why several pumps do not work for long. But this Super-high Pressure Pump efficiently keeps the tools cool and ensures they work for a long time; the design enables the coolant to work as a lubricant between the sliding parts and saves contact between surfaces. Apart from that, it also enhances the precision since it regulates the temperature.


Traditional Coolant Pumps consume high power, which escalates power consumption & electric bills. Keeping in view the long-term operations of Coolant Pump and energy-saving, it has been designed to consume low-power.

Evidently, this CQT Low-Pressure Coolant Pump by Sumitomo Precision Products Malaysia has several benefits ranging from its robust design, specifications. But its multiple models with flexible price range are the biggest advantage for consumers.