Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia; A Wide Range of Durable Gear Motors

Just like our other products, Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia is one of the top-selling products around the globe. Gear motors are used in many applications, but since most applications have unique requirements, we have a diverse range of gear motors. We understand the industrial and market needs, and based on that, we offer both robust and effective products.

Why You Should Choose Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia?

Buying a gear motor is easy, but choosing a suitable gear motor that is economical and matches your requirements can be tricky. Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia is not only economical and suitable for certain applications, but they have some special features too.

Highly Robust & Compact Design

Some of the motors have all internal components made of steel, giving them much more strength than ordinary motors. Moreover, the ductile iron housing in some motors enhances the motor’s capability and supports higher loads in smaller sizes. The compact design also enables lower space consumption.

Low-noise Operation 

Typical gear motors make noise, but our motors are designed to produce minimal noise. Their low noise operation enhances not only mechanical energy loss but also enhances overall productivity since the operators can work in a peaceful environment.

High-quality finishing 

Apart from the robust design and highly robust design, the high-quality finishing is a reason behind Sumitomo gear motor Malaysia’s high durability and longevity.

Broad Variation

We understand that every consumer has a different requirement, and accordingly, we offer a broad range of Cyclo gear motors with 0.1 to 1323 KW capability and 2.5 to 658.5K reduction ratios.  We also have explosion-proof motors.

High shock resistance 

Gear motors are often used in environments prone to vibrations and movements, but many gear motors are not highly shock resistant. The gear motors that function in tough environments are prone to vibrations and movements. Frequent shocks can damage ordinary gear motors, but Sumitomo Gear Motors are designed to withstand shock and function smoothly.

Detachable gear heads 

Since it is necessary for some applications to detach gear heads, we also offer gear motors with detachable gear heads. The modular design of gear head and motors enable easy detachment.

Joint Compatibility

The gear heads are designed as per the standard dimensions, enabling easy mating with both parallel and right-angle shafts.

Maintenance-free Operation

As many gear motors are used in applications where frequent maintenance is impractical, Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia also offers no maintenance feature in gear motors.

No Thermal Needs

Despite being highly functional, some motors do not need any external fan for cooling. 

Double-output Seals

Since gear motors are prone to leakage and contamination, which reduce motor life, we also offer gear motors with double-output seals for better protection.

Long-life Bearing

The efficiency of gear motors depends on several factors, but bearings’ life is a leading reason. The bearings are designed with special alloys for longevity.

Safety Indicators

Some motors are equipped with built-in buzzer and indicator lights for enhanced safety.

Sumitomo Gear Motor Malaysia offers many more features and safety than other brands, and it is economical.