Bunch Ash Spreader Malaysia And Trailed Sprayer: Top-quality Industrial Equipment

We offer various industrial products for the agriculture industry around the globe. Being one of the leading brands and large-scale suppliers, we consistently innovate according to consumer needs and demands. Since our products are affordable and reliable, we have been able to help end-consumers boost their yield. Considering the consumer requirements, we offer a variety of products from top brands. Whether you need a trailed sprayer or an ash spreader, we have a suitable product for you. But this is not all; our products are one of the best selling products in the market.

Why Makes Our Products Special?

We ensure that the consumers not only benefit from our products in terms of performance but affordability too. Accordingly, we sell only high-quality products that have great technical features and reliable performance. Our primary target is to provide products that are both durable and low-cost than the other products in the market. All of our industrial products come from top-notch brands around the globe. Some of our best-performing products are as follows.

EMDEK Trailed Sprayer (PTO Driven)

The PTO driven EMDEK trailed sprayer comes in a variety of specifications. It is available in 100, 600 and 8000 liters capacity. The tank is rectangular shaped, which helps reduce the overall height of the tank. Moreover, the low height also lowers the center of gravity, making it easy to carry safely. The tank is equipped with a three-way valve for external filling, suction hose, and filtration. The two reels have a 50-meter hose and hand lance. The standard handwash tank’s capacity is approximately 20 liters.

This sprayer’s tank is made of fiberglass assembled on a steel structure with an axle and tires. The trailed sprayer’s drawbar has two seats for operators at the front and back. It is equipped with an AR diaphragm pump along with a spray pressure regulator. A PTO shaft Industrial Equipment Malaysia and a standard pressure gauge are also attached. EMDEK trailed sprayer (PTO DRIVEN) is most suitable for tractors with horsepower equal and above 25. It’s various features, and strong designs make it reliable and durable.

EMDEK Bunch Ash Spreader     

This EMDEK bunch ash spreader can carry one ton of bunch ash or two tons of inorganic fertilizer. It is also useful for spreading dry decanter cake and dolomite. Its strength and robustness come from its steel welded structure with an M.S hopper and a single three-ton axle. The design is flexible to adjustments according to consumer requirements; the number of wheels can be varied from one to two on either side. It is also equipped with a chain reduction gearbox, which is grease lubricated, which helps minimize maintenance needs.

Moreover, deflectors, rims, and retreated tires and its stainless steel spreading system enhance its performance. It has two PTO shaft Industrial Equipment Malaysia and a flow regulator and a lever for easy control. This product is one of the best bunch ash spreaders offered by EMDEK for the industry.

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