Top-notch Gear-boxes, PTO Shaft Parts and Turbo Spin Fertilizer Spreaders in Malaysia

Whether you need a PTO shaft, gearbox, or machine turbo spin equipment, we always have a suitable product. Just like our other products, we sell high-quality industrial equipment in Malaysia. Our products are 100% genuine and designed as per international standards. We ensure that our products fulfill consumer needs and offer maximum performance. Accordingly, we offer products from top-notch brands around the globe.

What Makes Our Tractor Mounted Fertilizer Spreaders and PTO Shafts Special?

When it comes to choosing industrial equipment such as a tractor-mounted turbo spin fertilizer spreader (tractor machine turbo spin Malaysia_ or PTO shaft Industrial Equipment Malaysia, you should consider; choosing industrial equipment that is both reliable and inexpensive can be hectic. This is where we step in and offer you a variety of top-quality, low-cost industrial products. Some of our best fertilizer spreaders are as follows.

EMDEK Turbo mini 300/500

The EMDEK Turbo mini 300/500 fertilizer spreader is designed for spreading dry fertilizer in row plantings. It has a suitable throw range with high accuracy. Its deflectors enable it to throw fertilizer accurately and prevent fertilizer droppings on the tractor path. Its grease-lubricated gearbox makes it is nearly maintenance-free. 

This model is available in 300/500 liters capacity, and it is best suited for tractors 25 to 55 horsepower tractors with 540rpm PTO.

EMDEK Turbo-spin 650/850 (Stainless Steel)

The EMDEK Turbo-spin 650/850 (stainless steel) has a higher throw range as compared to the EMDEK Turbo mini 300/500, and it is more durable. Its structure and parts are designed with stainless-less, which makes it robust and highly-durable. Its air-assisted spinner disc, spinner vanes, plates, chute, flow-control plate, and nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel, which adds robustness to its design. As it is equipped with a deflector, it is capable of directing fertilizer both upwards and downwards. Moreover, the fertilizer flow rate is also adjustable. Alike the EMDEK Turbo mini 300/500 fertilizer spreader, this model is also equipped with a grease-lubricated gearbox that enables maintenance-free operations for a long time.

This model is suitable for 650-850 liters horsepower above 55.

EMDEK Turbo-spin 650/850 (Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel)

The EMDEK Turbo-spin 650/850 (hot dipped galvanized steel) has almost the same features as the EMDEK Turbo-spin 650/850 (stainless steel); except its structure is made of galvanized steel. It’s steel-made structure and parts ensure product longevity with high performance and nearly no maintenance.

This model is compatible with 650-850 liters, and it is suitable for tractors above 55 horsepower.

EMDEK Turbo-spin 650/850 (Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel)

Just like the EMDEK Turbo-spin 650/850 (heavy gauge stainless steel), this model is made of stainless steel but with a comparatively thicker gauge. It is most suitable for spreading fertilizer at a greater distance in a short time, especially in tree crops. Its accurate throw range doesn’t drop fertilizer. Above all, this model is suitable for throwing granular, crystalline, and powdered fertilizer.

This model is suitable for tractors above 55 horsepower.

Eurocardan PTO Shaft Parts 

Eurocardan is a leading brand of PTO shaft parts around the globe. The brand produces high-quality parts that are designed to transmit mechanical power efficiently with minimal losses. Since different kinds of PTO shaft parts are used with different machines as per compatibility and transmission requirements, we offer various Eurocardan PTO shaft parts.

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