Tsubaki Coupling Product Malaysia: A Wide Range of Industrial Chains and Accessories

Chains are an essential element in almost every production industry. They can enhance an industry’s production or even cause a long halt, depending upon the reliability and compatibility with the application. Tsubaki Coupling Product Malaysia has a variety of chains for the industry. Our product range enables consumers to choose a perfect match for their application.

Why Choose Tsubaki Coupling Product Malaysia?

You can easily find industrial chains in the market, but Tsubaki coupling product Malaysia offers much more than just strong chains. Our products are highly reliable, robust, and economical. Moreover, we have an extraordinary range of customizable chains. All of our chains are designed as per international standards and industrial needs.

Strength Transmission

Drive applications demand reliable transmission strength. Our drive chains are designed to provide extensive strength transmission from machine to machine. Considering the different uses of chains, we offer Leaf Chain suitable for hanging and motion transmission applications with high tensile strength. 


Drive chains operate for hours without any break, and a noisy chain affects workers’ overall performance. Moreover, some industries spend huge amount on sound-proofing their systems just because of their chains’ noise. We have a solution to this problem; our low-noise drive chains.


Some applications require chains to run through humid environments where ordinary chains erode with time. But our anti-corrosion chains are designed to withstand in humid environments and maintain their strength. Since these chains last for a long time, they are cost-effective and reliable.

No Oil Leakage

Our Standard Roller Chains do not leak oil, which keeps the oil in places where needed most. It helps reduce wear and tear too.


Chains are often used in food processing, and the chain lube can contaminate food. Our   Lube Free Roller Chain is suitable for such applications. Their lube-free operation not only protects food against contamination but also helps reduce cost. Lube-free chains require no expensive lube or labor to change lube. Their lube-free operation does not require frequent maintenance breaks during operations.

Heavy Duty

Our Heavy Duty Roller Chains are designed with top quality steel around the globe. These chains go through a series of strength tests and quality checks. We understand the industrial needs and problems, and accordingly, we ensure that our products are developed according to standards. As our products are developed with extensive care and highest grade material, we assure longevity, high-performance, and reliability. 


Most of our chains are maintenance-free, which ensures smooth and non-stop functioning.


We have special customization chains for attachment and conveyor applications. Our attachment chains are customizable, with 1300+ attachments. They are capable of transmitting power with precision. But their best feature is their high resistance to weak and elongation, which reduces maintenance need. 

Similarly, our conveyor chains are also customizable with a range of appealing features. Our conveyor chains are also resistant to elongation. But most importantly, their performance is unbeatable when it comes to shock loads.

Choosing a chain seems simple, but it demands proper knowledge and industrial experience. Tsubaki Coupling Product Malaysia recommends hiring professional services for choosing a suitable chain.