Tsubaki Chain Malaysia: A Special Range of Industrial Roller Chains

Tsubaki Chain Malaysia offers a variety of top-notch quality roller chains around the globe. Our chains are designed for high performance and longevity. But most importantly, we understand industrial needs, and accordingly, we have designed a special kind of roller chain for every application. Whether you need a heavy-duty roller chain or a low-noise roller chain, we always have a product that matches your requirements.

What Makes Tsubaki Roller Chain Tool Malaysia Special?

Roller chains are an essential element of every manufacturing industry; a reliable roller chain can boost production, and a low-grade roller chain can halt production for hours. But the high-graded roller chains are expensive for many industries. Considering the economic needs of industry, Tsubaki Chain Malaysia offers high-quality roller chains and at reasonable rates. Moreover, we have designed a unique roller chain for every industry, which further enhances productivity and reliability. Some of our roller chain specialities are as follows.

Heavy Duty Roller Chain

To ensure that our heavy-duty roller chains deliver high-performance, we design them with the top-quality steel around the globe. The roller chains go through a series of strength and quality tests before leaving the factory.  Our heavy-duty roller chains are most suitable for the following applications.

  • Where heavy-duty transmission power and strength is required.
  • Where chain have to drive in limited space with heavy transmission.
  • Where minimal elastic elongation is necessary
  • Tough environments where the chain will be frequently exposed to strong impact

Low Noise Roller Chain

Low noise roller chains are one of the best innovations of Tsubaki Chain Malaysia. Our special designed spring rollers minimize chain’s noise. The spring roller is capable of absorbing the impact of force whenever the chain engages with the sprockets. Its low noise operation helps maintain an environment-friendly which enhances the overall performance of workers and also saves the cost for setting up the expensive sound-proof enclosure.

Tsubaki low-noise roller chains can operate at 200 /min between -10 to +60 degree Celcius temperature.

Lube Free Roller Chain

Tsubaki’s is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance lambda lube-free chains; the first company to use an oil-impregnated brush in roller chains. From the last three decades, Tsubaki is innovating roller chains to offer high-quality lube-free chains with zero tolerance over performance. Our variety of lube-free chains and tools enable our customers to boost their industry’s performance at low-cost. Our lube-free roller chains are most suitable for food industries.

Tsubaki’s lube-free roller chains go through a special ring coining process which adds more strength to the chain and enable it to deliver 100% transmission capacity of the base chain. Our lube-free roller chains work well even at temperatures as high as 150 degree Celsius. We have some special lambda chains for higher temperature applications.

Standard Roller Chain

When it comes to strength and features at low-cost, Tsubaki Roller Chain Tool Malaysia is unbeatable. We create the highest standard roller chains with ultimate quality that enables industries to run smoothly with no interrupts. Tsubaki’s standard roller chains require minimal maintenance or replacement as they use are assembled with special lube grooves. Most of the standard roller chains degrade over time due to wear in the pin-brush, but the lube grooves used in our chains retain lubricant and reduce wear issues. Apart from that, the oil does not leak from chain bearing, which smoothens the operations.

Evidently, Tsubaki’s roller chains are the highest standard chains with every feature that you need to enhance performance and reliability.